--- Comment #2 from Ben Rosser <> ---
Doing some initial checking. It looks as if there are some CC-BY-NC licensed
files... I don't know exactly what this means for the package.

qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/angry.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/cool.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/crying.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/happy.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/laugh.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/laugh_closed_eyes.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/plain.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/sad.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/scared.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/smile.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/stunned.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/tongue.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/uncertain.png: CC by-nc
qTox-1.13.0/smileys/Classic/wink.png: CC by-nc

Are these used in the package? They don't appear in the RPM itself, but given
that they are referenced in smileys/smileys.qrc, I'm assuming they get compiled
into the binary.

If nothing else, I would think this makes the package "nonfree" and not "free".
But I don't know for sure... I've asked on IRC for clarification.

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