2018-03-06 9:43 GMT+01:00 Emmanuel Seyman <emman...@seyman.fr>:
> * Nicolas Chauvet [05/03/2018 21:53] :
>> Just to mention that RPM Fusion is branched for f28
> I've created the 'f28' version in Bugzilla and
> renamed 'f28/rawhide' to 'f29/rawhide'.

Thx Emmanuel,
Nitpick:  it should have been the other way so bugs submitted to
rawhide are moved to branched, unless set as unspecified...

I've taken good notes in this branch process, so it should be possible
that the branch process can be done by someone else next time.

Everything has just been pushed, to branch and rawhide repos.
The only point is rawhide doesn't yet have the rpmfusion-*29 rpm has
the buildroot is still broken here.
The 28 release rpm have been tagged there, so it will make an easier
transition for early branch users.
(fedora mirror manager repomd.xml looks wrong).
I will try to dig later today.



Nicolas (kwizart)
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