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(In reply to Uwe Klotz from comment #0)
> 2 Remarks:
> - I noticed that Mixxx is currently part of the free repository, although
> with inclusion of the FAAD2 plugin it should actually be placed in the
> nonfree repository?
We consider the faad2 plugin a free software implementation of some patented
algorithms. As European based project, patent doesn't apply in this case.
So this component is in the free section. But the faac (encoder) is in the
nonfree one because of a weird copyright issue with the headers.

Best is to rely on the ffmpeg internal AAC encoder/decoder if it fits your
(Or use opus or flac)

> - We already pulled the included patch into our current 2.1 release branch.
> This can be removed when upgrading to the latest snapshot.

Uwe one of mixxx developer, do you want anything to review from this PR?
He expressed his interest to maintain this package within RPM Fusion.
Can you add him to the co-maintainer in pkgdb.

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