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> Both packages vdr-softhddevice (f28 BR: compat_ffmpeg) and vdr-vaapidevice
> (BR: pkgconfig (libavcodec)) can co-exist under F28.

Of course, they can co-exists on installation. But they cannot live on the same
process at runtime.
This is totally insane, you will have a process that maps both ffmpeg-libs and
compat-ffmpeg28-libs. As there is no symbol version, the process will load both
and that will lead to a crash when the wrong one is used over the one expected.

Few comment on the spec file:
- Why to use BR: xorg-x11-drv-intel ? It's unneeded when using va-api enabled
application. At least it would be better if you Suggest: libva-intel-driver or
mesa-dri-drivers, but please avoid that as there is no way for RPM to prefer
the one that match a given hardware.
- Why to enforce Xorg ? As va-api should be able to run Wayland (but not
XWayland yet because it misses dri3 support in libva).
It should even allow to decode on headless...

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