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> @Martin,
> I don't think there are much issue left, but still:
> - Obsoletes have to use < version, and you need to use a Provides higher
> than the obsoleted package.
> So the plan is to retire the other package, right ?
No, only if there is no more compat_ffmpeg available with which I can compile
vdr-softhddevice. I have an NVidia card that only supports VDPAU, so I need

> - Can you use the %{url} macro in Source0

> - With f28+, I've added hardware activation on the libva-intel-driver
> package. So it should be suggested when using appdata. (it's also included
> by default in the mediacenter spin).
> Please consider to drop this dependency, as hardware activation is way
> better than any Suggests when the hardware is not relevant. (mesa vaapi
> backend exists for nouveau and radeon).

> Instead, I would suggest to use a boolean dependency from a vdr base package
> such as:
> Requires: (vdr-vaapidevice if libva-intel-driver)
don't know how to realize this ?

> - I still don't get why you enforce Xorg. Are you really sure that Wayland
> does not work in this case ? Also Xorg should be installed by default even
> in case Wayland is used by default, so it shouldn't fix anything. Better to
> drop the dependency IMO.

> I also note that there is indeed a dependency on ffmpeg-libs, so this
> package is not relevant for fedora at this step.

Spec URL:

* Wed Apr 11 2018 Martin Gansser <> -
- Update to 0.7.0-5.20180401gita17c110
- Use url macro in Source0
- Remove RR xorg-x11-server-Xorg

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