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On 19 June 2017 at 03:14, Ed Greshko <ed.gres...@greshko.com> wrote:

  or what level of video editing you hope
Pitivi is crashing all over the place.

I don't use pitivi, but don't know what "crashing all over the place" means.

In an hours use, I am seeing 5 or more instances where the application
closes and I lose work. On 3 occasions the project is unusable, I have
to start again.
   Hence my look for an alternative.

Looking at Lightworks/ shotcut

Both work fine for me but I must say for the minimal amount of work I do shotcut
works well enough.

Thanks. Shotcut has far fewer deps than Lightworks, which blacklists nouveau.

We know nothing about the video format you are using or your hopes, but it seems to me unlikely that the card-swap that you suggested will achieve anything. Are you committed to using nouveau? My experience on much older hardware wasn't impressive and I returned to nvidia-304 as soon as it re-stabilised - although I still have suspicions about its current rpmfusion fc25 implementation. A more recent nvidia driver would be appropriate for your current card. I do a lot of video-cutting work, but it's mainly mythtv-specific with older intel hardware.


John P
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