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> We know nothing about the video format you are using or your hopes, but it
> seems to me unlikely that the card-swap that you suggested will achieve
> anything.  Are you committed to using nouveau?  My experience on much older
> hardware wasn't impressive and I returned to nvidia-304 as soon as it
> re-stabilised - although I still have suspicions about its current
> rpmfusion fc25 implementation. A more recent nvidia driver would be
> appropriate for your current card.  I do a lot of video-cutting work, but
> it's mainly mythtv-specific with older intel hardware.

MP4  format.
My suspicion was that the video card interface wasn't keeping up with
the changes I was making (novice not knowing correct way to drive the app),
hence the look for an upgrade.
  Not committed to nouveau - but it does remove a lot of hassle with Fedora
upgrading so often?

Simpler question. Is it a fair assumption that the editing software is driving
the card capability directly or using OS calls which may  / may not offload
to the card?


Dave Pawson
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