| From: Dave Pawson <dave.paw...@gmail.com>

I infer that I've rubbed you the wrong way.  Sorry.

| AFAIK, yours is the first such request.

No, there is already a bugzilla entry about this.

| You complain about Hyperkitty yet suggest it?

I didn't pick Hyperkitty.  I did not presume to suggest a replacement.

| If I keep / archive the emails I have the threads?

Sure.  I do that too for mailing lists I subscribe to.  But finding
things with Google often works better, even if I already have it in a
mail folder.

And for those who are not subscribed, how are they to find out about
problems already solved?

| Separate point, The subject matter is (I believe) time dependent?
| Not sure how an archive n months old would be of use?
|     Can you see a use for 6 month old emails, other than as history?

Actually, I hit lots of problems that others have solved years ago.
Perhaps not problems dealt with on RPM Fusion Users list.
Embarrassing admission: sometimes I find solutions that I posted years
ago but have forgotten.

(Sometimes I wonder about postings I made to usenet in the early
1980s.  Luckily my friend Henry Spencer saved newsgroups he was
interested in to mag tape.  Those tapes have been recovered and Google
makes them available for searching.  Here's one that amuses me
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