> Actually talking about microcubes of gas per hour sounds kinda cool.

That's not what you show in your graph. You show microcubes of gas per
second, at a resolution of one hour.

It's easy enough to change that: just use a CDEF to multiply by 3600. Each
bar will then show the amount per hour.

It is easy to confuse yourself or the occasional other viewer when doing
so, so be careful.  For instance: you should get the VDEF from the
original DEF, not from the CDEF. Or else you would appear to use 3k6 times
the gas you are really using.

By the way: you may want to write down the number from the meter, do the
same 24 hours later, and compare against the graph. If it matches: good.
If not, you need to do some more bug hunting.  Perhaps you already think
of this, perhaps not.

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