On Tue, 2010-02-02 at 23:18 +1100, Robin Whittle wrote:
> However, I think such problem such as you suggested exists with Name
> Based Sockets.  I haven't yet recieved clarification from Christian,
> but see my concerns about his model:
>           Role             Level            Name Based Sockets?
>           Text name  <---] FQDN
>           Identifier <---]
>           Locator    <---- IPv6 address

As per my understanding

          Role             Level

          Text name  <---] FQDN
          Identifier <---] FQDN (used as a nonsensical text string)
          Locator    <---- whatever address

There are no DNS queries done after the initial connection.

What happens on the client side is:
1. Query DNS with the FQDN
2. Get an IP
3. Send packets to that IP and add your Text name (=FQDN)

and on the server side:
1. Get a packet with the NBS name extension
2. Add text name (=FQDN) to reply packets

So, the DNS is only used in the initiating packet, to pull out a
reachable locator, the rest is then done without interaction with DNS.

The current track for NBS is going for a shim6 like approach for
management of the locators (for multi-homing and mobility). 

Primary IP : A text-string (FQDN)
Active  IP : Whichever locator is chosen and verified as reachable
Locator pool: Set of locators.

// Javier

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