> Earlier, someone wrote:
> > By the way, as stated in the ILNP draft, "...the Locally unique
> > are unique within the context of their associated Locators...".
> > there SHOULD be some association between I records and L records of a
> > host.
> Indeed there is an association:
>       A locally-unique ID is unique only within the context
>       of that node's locators.
> This could be paraphrased as saying:
>   "No more than 1 node may use a given ID value on a given
>    IP subnetwork at a given time."
> That constraint is true for existing IPv4, IPv6 (see IPv6 ND
> for example), and hence isn't particularly new with ILNP.
> As ILNPv6 recycles IPv6 ND without needing to change anything,
> it is not surprising that the same IPv6 constraint remains.

My question is whether there is any association between I _records_ and L
_records_ in the _DNS_. This is the key point of these arguments. 


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