On 2/14/10 6:19 PM, k claffy wrote:
> sorry, someone pointed out a typo in (2) below;
> i meant to suggest
>   (2) i understand such a chart is likely blocked on more meat
>   filled in on critiques/rebuttal/counterpoints for each
>   proposal.  has the wg considered asking all proposal submitters
>   to submit critiques of at least three (or some N) other
>   proposals, including estimating the corresponding lines of
>   a feature comparison matrix?
> this suggestion is based on the imbalance in the
> current draft between ideas-submitted and 
> ideas-rigorously-evaluated. i suspect the IETF 
> needs more of the latter, which it doesn't look 
> like natural WG forces are going to produce.

I think this is a great (and necessary) idea to give authority to the
work people are doing.

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