Hi Noel,

I won't get involved in discussing Lixia's critique (msg06032) - which I
consider to be her work alone, although she used some of your text
(msg05747).  I just want to note that the result doesn't please you or
me - and that at 745 words, it doesn't meet Lixia's and Tony's 500 word
limit either.

I think your critique, mine and whatever Lixia or anyone else wants to
write independently should be included in the RRG Report.  Whatever is
not included, in full, I am keen to include in my forthcoming omnibus ID
for all critiques which are not included fully:


Please see a forthcoming message "LEIDs, SPI & ordinary IP addresses as
both IDs & Locs" regarding what you wrote about the Locator properties

  - Robin

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