Date:   Fri Nov 10 05:06:56 2006
Author: wayned

Update of /data/cvs/rsync
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Log Message:
- Improved try_dests_non() so that it works with all non-regular
  files (including dirs).
- Changed the directory-creating code to call try_dests_non() when a
  --*-dest option is used.
- Revamped the device/special-files code to have the same logic as
  the symlink code, making it both simpler and more correct.
- All the above makes us output changes for all items consistently
  when a --*-dest option is used.
- Fixed an output bug in try_dests_reg() and try_dests_non() when
  -ii is enabled (we use to fail to output unchanged files).

generator.c             1.291 => 1.292
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