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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 3.1.0pre1.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Ben Walton (2):
      Better configure support for Solaris xattrs
      Testsuite/dir-sgid: use symbolic mode to set sgid bit

Matt McCutchen (20):
      Several fixes for merge file handling:
      Add instant-rsyncd to support/ .
      The protect filter automatically added with --backup is not perishable
      Add flist_find_ignore_dirness() and change delete_in_dir() to use it.
      Handle simultaneous arrival of multiple connections.
      Fixed recv_add_uid() to properly differentiate users and groups.
      Added the "reverse lookup" daemon-config parameter.
      Give a meaningful error message when we fail to write to a batch file.
      Move the description of include/exclude modifiers to a better place
      Refactorings to the filter code, most notably:
      Document the "copy-some-dirlinks" trick in the man page.
      Amplify the man page description of --hard-links (see bug 3693), and
      Don't set the umask to 0 any more: it's ugly and pointless.
      Fix erroneous "--fake-user" in the rsyncd.conf(5) man page.
      Rename to, the current autoconf standard.
      Point out that the file_struct in log_delete is zero-initialized
      In "ignoring unsafe symlink" messages, show only the file-list path.
      Minor restructuring/clarification to get_backup_name.
      Man page description of --xattrs should not assume a push.
      Avoid changing file_extra_cnt during deletion.

Wayne Davison (542):
      Improved the docs for various delete options.
      Prepare repository for more development.
      The --progress output now leaves the cursor at the end of the line
      Got rid of some trailing whitespace.
      Added the --remote-option=OPT (-M OPT) option.
      If the user specifies --protocol=29, rsync will avoid sending an -e
      Fixed the timeout/flush loop-check logic to work properly with
      Added the --info=FLAGS an --debug=FLAGS options, which allows
      Made the info_verbosity array 1 element larger.
      Added a "test_fail" function to 00-hello.test.
      A few more minor improvements in the --info/--debug code.
      A couple xattr fixes for --fake-super.
      Changed human_num() to big_num() with an extra arg so that it can
      Added some HLINK debugging output and enabled it for hardlink tests.
      Moving big_num() into lib/compat.c so tls.c can use it.
      Use big_num() in a few more places.
      Don't interrupt the make for a generated file didn't really change.
      Add --debug=hlink to hands.test.
      Make the hands.test use a higher hlink debug level.
      Some minor tweaking for the info+debug option parsing.
      Turn on flist5 debugging.
      Improved the hard-link logging.
      We now pass the POOL_QALIGN flag to pool_create().  Also optimized
      Improved the alignment code and changed POOL_APPEND to POOL_PREPEND.
      Changed the POOL_QALIGN flag to POOL_NO_QALIGN, reversing the setting
      Added a '%C' (MD5 checksum) flag for the output/logfile formatting.
      Output even more debug messages.
      A few more HLINK debug messages.
      Changed the chksum debug flag to deltasum.
      Added a debug-helping option, --msgs2stderr, than should help all
      Fixed a bug in match_hard_links() where an empty directory would try
      Improved the handling of --msgs2stderr a little more.
      Turn off extra debugging now that the problem is fixed.
      Include the array-size in array externs so that IBM's code-checker
      Renamed extern-squish -> var-checker.
      Improved var-checker and tweaked all the issues it found.
      Got rid of a variable that was set but not used.
      Explicitly cast an int64 to an int32.
      Use PTR_ADD for the new instances of void-pointer arithmetic.
      Explicitly cast a -1 that is being assigned to a size_t.
      Fixed a potential alignment issue in the IRIX ACL code when allocating
      Enhanced the release scripts to be able to handle a branch release.
      Since the loadparm.c file is changing, I'm reformatting it to use the
      Reorder the static functions to avoid the need for forward declarations.
      Change the references to "service" to be either "section" or "module".
      Changed the module array to use an item_list structure.
      Added &include and &merge config-file directives that allow the
      - Got rid of unused pstring/P_GSTRING/P_SEP/P_SEPARATOR code.
      Added a command-line override for daemon config parameters:
      Made include_config() more efficient, and fixed a memory leak.
      - Don't require a daemon config &directive to use an equal sign.
      Added a client --munge-links option that works like the daemon
      Mention some mount options that can interfere with --link-dest.
      Make hard-linking work when a device has an st_dev of 0.
      Mention a missing sender-side hash improvment that went out in 3.0.0.
      Output an FERROR* for a general io_error, and an FWARNING for other
      Properly handle a failure to create a partial directory, which is
      Fixed a couple minor problems in util.c:
      Changed the iconv-related message that was being output as the
      Fixed a problem with checking for the '.' dir in the first file
      The --iconv option now converts the content of a symlink too.
      Skip new symlink conversion step if the remote rsync is not
      Added logic to the receiving side to ensure that the --delete-during
      Refer to the symlink's contents as "symlink data", not "symlink name".
      When using --iconv, if a server-side receiver can't convert a filename,
      Tweaked the symlink iconv buffer size and fixed a comment.
      Make sure that the hlink node->data allocation doesn't fail.
      Made an error of readlink_stat() use the right function name.
      Changed flist_for_ndx() to optionally die with an error
      An improved RERR_PARTIAL message.
      Added /support/savetransfer to .gitignore.
      Make the !flist_eof assumption explicit before the check_for_io_err
      Some minor improvements to the flushing code to try to make it
      Improved rwrite() to handle a stderr exception without playing games
      Improved the fix that ensures that the generator gets notified about an
      Added extra file-changing logic to ensure that the various files that
      Verify that SUBPROTOCOL_VERSION is set correctly when making a
      Output numbers in 3-digit groups by default (e.g. 1,234,567).
      A little tidying up to follow my preferred style.
      Don't define an array with no size.
      Split up the ifuncs.h file into 3 .h files.
      Changed some "rsync" commands into proper "$RSYNC" commands.
      Adding human_readable var.
      Adding 3.0.4 release line to OLDNEWS.
      Fix the %P logfile escape inside a chroot.
      Convey the cleaned-up module-path to the user in all cases.
      A couple instant-rsyncd improvements:
      Remove bogus "non-empty" qualifier in '*' discussion.
      Fixed skipping of unneeded updates in a batch file when
      Don't send a bogus "-" option to an older server if there were
      Initialize xattr data in a couple spots in the hlink code, which avoids
      Moved the flist_ndx_{push,pop}() routines from io.c into util.c.
      More batch-mode fixes to handle redos properly (and without hanging).
      Properly ignore source args on a --read-batch command.
      Enhanced the --stats output:
      Fix the error message on one of the rename operations.
      Added a fully atomic update if the user has setup a symlink
      Fixed send_protected_args() to send "." in place of an empty arg.
      Don't lookup address "" when we're a remote-shell daemon.
      Fixed a glitch when using -s with a remote-shell daemon.
      Adding hashtable debugging output (--debug=hash).
      Fixed our supplied getnameinfo()'s ability to do a reverse lookup,
      Mention rsync's definition of client and server.
      Avoid a potential hang when --remove-*-files is active.
      Fixed a bunch of "warn_unused_result" compiler warnings.
      Fixed the use of a dot-dir path (foo/./bar) inside of a files-from file.
      A "make reconfigure" doesn't stop if configure changes.
      Make sparse_seek an OFF_T (pointed out by Pedro Valasco).
      Change some size_t vars to ints.
      Change clean_fname() to keep "//" at the start for cygwin.
      An ftruncate() failure should result in FERROR_XFER.
      Make it clearer which configure files changed.
      Adding the --usermap/--groupmap/--chown options.
      Mention the mapfrom/mapto scripts and how they work.
      Allow opendir() in send_directory() to fail with ENOENT.
      Added init_stat_x() to avoid duplication of acl/xattr init code.
      Make delete_item() public, moving it into delete.c.
      Update the copyright year.
      Improved the backup code:
      Fixed bug #6011: use of target in configure.
      Tweaked s### and m## to avoid vim highlighting issues.
      Avoid a server-side problem with -e is at the start of the short options.
      Tweaked the --delete-* option summaries.
      Adding recent release info from the 3.0.x branch.
      Use "use warnings" rather than -w on the #! line.
      Send the --stats option for proper del-stats operation.
      Change some args from "char *" to "const char *" in order to get rid of
      Fixed a hang in the inc_recurse batch-reading code.
      Fixed the delete statistics with --delete-delay and --delete-after.
      Use a varint when sending the error_code.
      Renamed sDefault to Locals.
      Renamed some typedefs:
      A couple minor function-call tweaks.
      Added a "Defaults" structure with both globals and locals in it.
      Check the right flist_num in gen_wants_ndx().
      Fixed the parsing of IPv6 literal addresses with a username
      A few more improvements to the hostspec-parsing code.
      We only need to send --stats to a remote receiver now.
      Do not try to send a symlink with a 0-length value.
      Ensure that the sender turns off any msg_fd_in use earlier.
      Combine Globals and Locals into a Vars struct that parallels Defaults,
      Made copy_section() and string_set() simpler, getting rid of a
      Moved the --disable-debug check sooner in so that it
      Added --disable-iconv-open option for configure to turn off all use
      Handle a link_stat() failure with errno ENOENT as a vanished file.
      Mention that only the first line of a password-file is used.
      Adding a way for log-format numbers to become more human readable.
      Added a way for supplementary groups to be specified in the rsyncd.conf
      Properly indent some lines.
      Made --progress use ir-chk instead of to-chk when the incremental
      Added the --delete-missing-args option to delete specified
      Make the backup code call unsafe_symlink() correctly.
      Improved the unsafe_symlink() code to not get fooled by extra '/' chars
      Simplify an "if" in ssh-basic.test.  Fixes bug #6169;
      Don't let --chmod tweak a 0 mode value (which marks a missing arg).
      Made --list-only output missing args as a "*missing" line.
      Make missing args governed by protect filters, not hide.
      My version of Matt's improvements related to missing source args:
      Make symlink iconv work for a local copy.
      Fixed a word ending that Jesse Weinstein and revamp some of the text
      Fixed improper deletion of mount-point hierarchies.
      Fixed --dry-run with --read-batch:
      Make sure that is up-to-date before allowing the
      Some improvements to the rsync.yo manpage:
      Don't try to simplify an ACL that has a mask w/o any named values.
      Allow $RSYNC_TEST_TMP to indicate a good tmp dir for our tests.
      Fixed an ACL/xattr corruption issue where the --backup option could cause
      Allow a "make reconfigure" to continue, even if the Makefile changes.
      Don't try to backup a file being removed from the backup area.
      Improved link_or_rename() to handle prefer_rename better.
      Fix "just in case" unlink.  Prefer renaming of normal files
      More backup improvements:
      The suffix must be non-empty if the backup-dir is the same as the dest
      Fixed the use of --xattrs with --only-write-batch.
      Don't allow --remove-s*-files with --read-batch.
      Changed the commands used to "make gen" without any stoppage.
      Switch to upper-case in the {debug,info}_verbosity arrays.
      Use upper-case HLINK in a --debug setting to avoid a really weird bug
      Change sending/receiving/storing of the rdev value for special files.
      Clarify which options are transfer rules, and what that means.
      Enhance name_to_{u,g}id() to optionally parse numbers and rename
      Fix typo pointed out by Chris Pepper.
      Adding release info for 3.0.6 to the trunk.
      Switch from inet_aton() to inet_pton() (since we supply a compatibility
      Support an older AIX system that doesn't have ENOTSUP.
      Change filter MATCHFLGs to FILTRULEs.
      Use typedefs for the filter structures.
      Improved a couple variable names.
      Mention some recent changes.
      Determine the master's commit hash and note it in each patch
      Improved the usage output.
      Adding a new script that creates a local patch/* branch
      Mention that --whole-file is not the default for a local transfer when
      Added solaris IPv6 checking to configure.  Fixes #6438.
      Get section reference right.  Fixes bug #6573.
      Add conditional support for excluding types of files from xattr ops.
      Initial version of xattr routines for Solaris.
      Fix a warning about a %d not getting an int (on some platforms).
      Some improvements to the solaris xattr routines.
      Fix a bogus free in uncache_tmp_xattrs().
      Fix some variable references.
      Allow Solaris sys_llistxattr() to return the list length when size == 0.
      Have the sender use dead time to pad out the file list.
      Fix the chmod-temp-dir test if /var/tmp doesn't exist.
      Create non-transferred files in a more atomic manner:
      Fix read_xattr() for solaris.
      Fix attropen() flags for writing an xattr on solaris.
      Rebuild proto.h if config.h changes.
      Better compiling if SUPPORT_LINKS is not defined.
      Define and use "our_gid" variable.
      Have --fake-super turn a symlink into a file when
      Need to use O_RDONLY in solaris sys_lremovexattr().
      Avoid an dry-run error trying to stat a prior hard-link
      Fix daemon's conveyance of io_error value from sender.
      Improve error handling and get rid of a lingering fprintf().
      Add a few new "dont compress" suffixes and improve the docs.
      Always use lutimes() if it is available.
      Add support for transferring & setting nsec time values.
      Improve the "--delete does not work without -r or -d" message.
      Put file descriptor arg at the start of the arg list for consistency.
      Pass "new_mode" to set_acl() and change its return values.
      Better mask handling, including some changes to help solaris.
      Change the msg pipe to use a real multiplexed IO mode
      Avoid stopping multiplexed out over the message fd.
      Avoid calling send_extra_file_list() when we shouldn't.
      Avoid type-punned compiler warnings for the byteorder.h macros
      A major overhaul of I/O routines, creating perform_io().
      Fix check for an empty output buffer and limit to flist_eof.
      Fix some man page problems Scott Kostyshak pointed out.
      Call seteuid() when calling setuid().
      Allow %VAR% environment references in daemon-config parameter values.
      Silence some rprintf() size_t warnings.
      Moved a few group-related functions with some minor tweaks;
      Make sure daemon's io_timeout is used as a maximum value.
      A protocol 31 daemon will inform the client about its timeout setting
      Give iconvbufs() an ICB_INIT flag.
      Move free_xbuf() into ifuncs.h.
      Fixed a couple iconv loops to properly handle incomplete chars
      Moved some --iconv text that was supposed to be in --files-from.
      Fixed some backward-compatibility issues with --files-from.
      Make use of $suitedir.
      Add a check30 target.
      A few more --files-from fixes, and an enhanced testsuite for it.
      Updated NEWS with some of the recent changes.
      Enhance log_format_has() to understand the "'" modifier.
      Fix %b and %c so that they count per-transfer bytes again.
      Change the daemon-timeout conveyance into a protocol-31 message.
      Get rid of some unneeded externs.
      Fix a hang when dealing with really large numbers of files
      Make sure rwrite() can handle any logcode value in --msgs2stderr mode.
      A daemon treats --msgs2stderr as "output only to the log, not the user".
      Fix MSG_IO_TIMEOUT when the daemon is the receiver.
      Added notifications about error-exit values:
      Give noop_io_until_death() a time limit.
      Mention the error improvements.
      Try to silence some warnings from "checker".
      Save first filename and linenum in case exit_cleanup() recurses.
      More improvements for abnormal exits.
      Mention who got the unknown logcode.
      Change an RERR_* to RERR_FILEIO.
      Make use of seteuid() determined by configure.
      Fix the daemon test when running it as root.
      Make --bwlimit take the same size suffixes as the --max-size option
      Fixed the buffer-has-space check in write_buf().
      Tweaked sizing checks in perform_io().
      Prefer send_msg_int() over send_msg() for better debug output.
      Make the two "wrap-bytes" sections simpler and more similar.
      No need to check MIN_FILECNT_LOOKAHEAD w/extra_flist_sending_enabled.
      Improved a couple comments and added some "else" optimizations.
      Tweak the noop_io_until_death() timeout and comment it.
      Don't complain about a socket EOF unless it affects a read.
      Make some RERR_* choices better, and another noop_io_until_death() tweak.
      Change the handling of circular buffers to not waste 4 bytes
      Fix a comment.
      Add IPv6 detection on cygwin.
      Don't (wrongly) retouch dir permissions with --fake-super.
      Don't send MSG_ERROR_EXIT messages at the end of the transfer.
      Fix a hang that can happen when the sender is sending an extra file-list
      Turn into a circular input buffer.
      Fix checker compile warning.
      This should fix another checker warning.
      Change a variable name in read_a_msg().
      Prevent the reading of another message before the end of the current one.
      Avoid another checker warning.
      Run each testsuite test with a timeout.
      Fix a compiler warning about a %d mismatch.
      Increase the testrun timeout for slow compilefarm systems.
      Avoid a compiler warnings about a signed/unsigned mismatch.
      Avoid -u option to id since solaris doesn't support it.
      Free a strdup() in do_cmd() that checker was complaining about.
      Improve the timeout messages.
      Allow per-test timeout overrides.  Give hardlinks more time.
      Fix the val reading for MSG_ERROR_EXIT.  Use 0-length MSG_DATA when
      Improved some I/O comments.
      Added an am_receiver variable.
      Improve --timeout method to take into account all I/O that is going on.
      Don't set last_io_out in check_timeout.
      Don't die if inflate() returns Z_BUF_ERROR in see_deflate_token().
      Pass the 'f' compatibility flag to the server (via -e)
      Improve handling of MSG_IO_ERROR message.
      Handle check-in and tagging of patches dir.
      Allow "./configure --with-protect-args" to make -s the default.
      Add understanding of RSYNC_PROTECT_ARGS environment var.
      Change naming of local patch-related branches and unify
      Configure check for -Wno-unused-parameter now tries to link too.
      Allow any gcc to make use of __builtin_alloca for alloca.
      Adding release info for 3.0.7 to the trunk.
      Mention 2010 in the main copyright.
      Always use lchmod() if it is available.
      Don't try to send MSG_ERROR_EXIT after a timeout.
      More --timeout improvements, especially for the receiving side:
      Mention what -XX (repeated --xattrs) does.
      If a module has no path setting, return an error.
      Write out the right compat_flags value into the batch file.
      Handle files that spring up while doing backup path checking.
      Fix directory-length overflow bug (7057).
      Get rid of trailing whitespace.
      Fix a typo that Andrea Gelmini pointed out.
      Removing now-redundant path-size check from send_if_directory().
      Reject passing an arg to an option that doesn't take one (bug 6915).
      May as well use do_mkdir() directly these days.
      Make an empty-string dest-dir the same as "." again.
      Update rrsync with the latest options.
      Mention --debug=hlink's level limits.
      Turn an assert into two more descriptive errors.
      Make sure we never try to store a 0 key and tweak key64 init.
      Make sure our idev_find() hashtable use is right.
      Avoid a double-increment of a file's st_dev value
      Fix daemon-filter crash issue (bug 7489).
      Fix a couple socketpair_tcp() issues (see bug 7514).
      Fix compression-ignoring of upper-case suffixes.
      Get rid of some trailing whitespace.
      Close the socket fds in the "post-xfer exec" process.
      Fix accessors F_LENGTH() and F_MOD_NSEC().
      Output list-only sizes using any human-readable setting.
      Manpage improvements for --stats, --human-readable, and --list-only.
      Mention more output changes.
      More manpage improvements.
      Mention more changes.
      Older protocols should send 1-incremented dev numbers.
      I like braces when multiple lines are indented.
      Replace another assert with a descriptive error.
      Refer to the right lsetxattr() caller in a error message.
      Don't mention bug fixes that are queued up for 3.0.8.
      Avoid infinite loop if the file's length is negative.
      Avoid a non-writable-by-the-user file when copying xattrs.
      Avoid a crash with --append-verify when discarding the received data.
      Add some new dont-compress suffixes.
      Remove duplication for -x option.
      Mention need of wildcard support in make.
      Add --omit-link-times and use CAN_SET_SYMLINK_TIMES less.
      Make case_N.h more generic.
      Move time setting to syscall.c and add syscall fallback.
      Fix description of how to force new prototype generation.
      Undo unintended mode-reference tweak.
      Fix rsync_xal_set reference in an error.
      If we create an off_t type, define SIZEOF_OFF_T.
      Some quoting fixes/improvements.
      Add @group auth and overrides to "auth user" daemon config.
      Mention seek effect of an unmoved --inplace chunk.
      Use ftruncate() at the end of a --sparse file.
      Optimize --inplace chunck search to avoid a non-aligned search.
      A couple comment tweaks.
      Avoid splitting a multi-byte character when trimming a name.
      Enhance --chmod to allow octal values.
      Fix crash when --backup-dir is excessively long.
      Fix issues with unchanged_attrs() for symlinks.
      Set NO_SYMLINK_XATTRS on linux the easy way.
      Protect a remote filename that starts with a dash.
      Tweak the year.
      Use full_fname() for system error messages.
      Itemize xattrs of a missing dir from an alt-dest dir.
      Report all socket connection errors if we fail.
      Be clear on which part(s) of testsuite's checkit() failed.
      Avoid directory permission issues with --fake-super.
      Some --inplace manpage enhancements.
      Clarify incremental recursion's effect on --hard-link.
      Separate the dirs from the files in xattrs.text.
      Avoid reading ACL/xattr info on filetypes not being copied.
      Daemon supports forward-DNS lookups for simple hostnames
      Added "listen backlog" daemon config paramater.
      Mention that sorting the --files-from input is helpful.
      Have build farm always use included popt.
      Improve the discussion of the absolute-filter alternative.
      Fix a bug in the trailing-slash handling.
      Make sure an alternate --inplace sum has the right length
      Sender realigns chunks with generator during an --inplace copy
      Include backup in map_ptr() to avoid backing up when reading.
      Optimize finding the sum that matches our --inplace position.
      Some minor variable and flag cleanup.
      Updated a comment to match a 3.0.x change.
      Add .hg dir exclude to default_cvsignore list.
      Improve some hard-link caveats in the manpage.
      Fix devices test on OS w/o hard-linked devices.
      Fix issue with devices-fake test.
      Fix --force with --one-file-system w/o --delete.
      Allow a failure of EINVAL to mean no ACLs are available.
      Some uid/gid fixes for (id_t)-1 and other large ID values.
      Get rid of obsolete tempfs warning.
      Clarify what extraneous hard link are.
      Suggest a better solution for a make without wildcard support.
      Change rsyncd.conf &merge directive to match *.inc.
      Improve the &merge/&include example explanation.
      Fix xattrs test on OS X.
      Don't send user/group names for ACLs with --numeric-ids.
      Make it possible to create a new patch file while on a patch branch.
      Get the branch set right before listing names and handling --delete.
      Enhance the -liconv check for OS X.  Fixes bug 8018.
      Avoid re-setting (and sending) xattrs on a hard-linked file w/the same 
      Tweak dir xattrs after the writability fudging.
      Verify the module list output of the daemon-via-ssh check.
      Adding release info for 3.0.8 to the trunk.
      Move var declaration for older C compilers.
      Applying the preallocate patch.
      Add some temp-name dot heuristics for OS X's sake.
      Improve lsh's handling of -l user option w/cd.
      Fix a potential crash when trying to find a better block match.
      Avoid adding a slash to path '/'.
      Handle non-srcdir man copying when yodl isn't installed.
      Don't die if man-copy fails.
      Mention the number of child args.
      Make --files-from allow a missing trailing arg w/--server.
      Turn empty remote args into dot dirs.
      Abort if the cd fails.
      Check for linux/falloc.h header file.
      Explicitly mention spaces in the "path" setting.
      Use a union for idlist's name/max_id value.  Fixes bug 8137.
      Expand NO_ENTRY items from fake-super ACLs in get_rsync_acl().
      Fix unwritable directory issue due to misordered chmod call.
      Merge latest samba version to get va_end() fixes, etc.
      We need VA_COPY() defined more.  Fix dangling #endif.
      Linux needs symlink xattrs.  Fixes bug 8201.
      Send error messages from pre-xfer exec script to the user.
      Handle EINTR when reading the pre-xfer exec message.
      Add a colon if a non-empty pre-xfer exec message follows.
      Don't force \(em in the manpages.  Fixes bug 7941.
      Only skip deletions on IOERR_GENERAL.  Fixes bug 7809.
      Set NO_SYMLINK_USER_XATTRS on linux. Fixes bug 7109.
      Check if sender file changed before allowing a remove.
      Make daemon-exclude errors more error-like.
      Fix reading side of fake-symlink bug 7109.
      Fix #ifdef in unchanged_attrs(). Fixes bug 8268.
      Handle FES_NO_SEND properly on a hard-linked file.
      Fix a comment.
      Move freeaddrinfo() call after failure-reporting loop.
      Add more connect debug info, as Carlos suggested.
      Replace another inet_ntop() call with getnameinfo().
      Fix Minix build errors.  Fixes bug 8313.
      Tweak includes to fix non-defined NULL on some systems.
      Ignore socketpair() on cygwin.  Fixes bug 8356.
      Fix misplaced parens on getnameinfo() call.
      Some option-parsing clarifiation in the intro.
      Fix bwlimit multiplication overflow.  Fixes bug 8375.
      Fix sending of "." attributes for implied-dot-dir.
      Move implied_dot_dir=1, just to be safe.
      Dirs need +rx as well as +w for non-super xfers.
      Error out if --password-file specifed and it fails.
      Document --msgs2stderr.
      Fix a potential hang on an empty file list.
      Improve the usage for --help.
      Make sure other early exit calls can't hang in noop_io_until_death().
      Use "|| true" in our `xattr` test runs.
      Cleanup some manpage & --help info.
      Added "SORTED TRANSFER ORDER" manpage section.
      When modifying PATH, export it (for Solaris).
      Make --delete-excluded work better with --filter=merge.
      Make do_readlink() support fake-super w/o O_NOFOLLOW.
      Be sure to use STRUCT_STAT.
      Change stat order for better ELOOP determination.
      Better fakeroot support helps Solaris.
      Add solaris xattr support to the tests.
      Fix xattr memory leak.  Fixes bug 8475.
      Fix two unused-variable compiler warnings.
      Let's cast getpid() to an int instead of a long for snprintf().
      Test asprintf() failure with < 0, not <= 0.
      Fix --delete-missing-args when --relative is active.
      Fix version expansion.
      Fix --compress data-duplication bug.
      Add compatibility with an unmodified zlib.
      make repeated --fuzzy option look into alt-dest dirs.
      Committing missed manpage tweak.
      Another asprintf() return-value-check tweak.
      Mention that %a and %h are daemon-only escapes.
      Avoid double-free of xattr/acl data in real_sx.
      Improve the handling of verbose/debug messages
      Complain if the --block-size=N value is too large.
      Allow --max-size=0 and --min-size=0.
      Add new --outbuf=N|L|B option.
      Make stderr line-buffered w/--msgs2stderr.
      flist->in_progress is only needed w/inc_recurese.
      Add a slash-stripping version of rsync in support dir.
      Fix --only-write-batch hang with --hard-links.
      Set the modtime to 0 on a partial file.
      Make daemon listener exit w/code 0 on SIGTERM.
      Make read_args() return the full request.
      Avoid an unused variable warning if no setvbuf.
      Fix indentation that used expanded tabs.
      Fix bogus "vanished file" with "./" prefixes.
      Perl version of lsh that can change user w/o sudo.
      Improve handling of existing files for alt-dest opts.
      Reformat a few things for wider lines.
      Align fileio's map_ptr() reads.  Fixes bug 8177.
      Remove -3 return from try_dests_reg() again -- let it do a local copy
      Further improve non-empty-destination --link-dest behavior:
      Add free_stat_x() inline function.
      Free ACL/xattr info in try_dests_reg() loop.
      Update OLDNEWS with 3.0.9 info.
      Update copyright year.
      Fix weird error in test programs on SunOS.
      Improve description of --max-delete.
      Updated to the version dated 2013-05-16.
      Updated to the version dated 2013-04-24.
      Use S_IXUSR instead of the now-obsolete S_IEXEC.
      Add an implementation of getpass for systems that lack one.
      Fixed unused variable warnings in free_stat_x.
      Fix msleep() if time goes backwards.  Fixes bug 9789.
      Improve iconvbufs() to do more buffer size checks.
      Avoid I/O via signal-handler thread.
      Forward a MSG_ERROR_EXIT value to generator too.
      Improve logic of code vs exit_code (etc.) in cleanup.
      Look for got_kill_signal in a couple more spots.
      Avoid preallocation on inplace file that is already long enough.
      Tweak --checksum-seed docs.
      Fix module-name splitting with --protect-args.
      Allow --password-file=- for a stdin-supplied password.
      Updating NEWS with the latest changes.
      Rename lsh ->
      Rename -> lsh.
      Upgrading zlib to 1.2.8.
      More NEWS changes.
      Set number_separator the first time it gets used.
      Move some code from util.c to util2.c and add sum_as_hex().
      Fix "make check".
      Support rsync daemon over SSL via stunnel.
      Mention right option when using --delete-delay.
      Get GPL name right.
      Be a little clearer about full-line comments.
      Mention latest changes.
      Set DESTDIR for make install.
      Look for REMOTE_HOST before SSH_* environment options.
      We need a trailing dot when using --server --daemon.
      Preparing for release of 3.1.0pre1


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