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  replaces  v3.2.2
 tagged by  Wayne Davison
        on  Mon Jul 27 17:58:25 2020 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 3.2.3pre1.


Ben RUBSON (3):
      Improve FreeBSD tests (#61)
      Enable FreeBSD CI ssl (#66)
      Force git line endings (#68)

Wayne Davison (135):
      Setup for 3.2.3dev.
      Tweak a couple var names.
      Tweak a comment.
      Some C99 flexible array changes
      Some configure tweaks for TANDEM.
      A bit more configure tweaking.
      Some whitespace & paren cleanup.
      Some TANDEM ACL support.
      Change name map funcs to return a const char*.
      Send the uid/gid 0 name since not all systems use 0 for root.
      More TANDEM changes
      Remove another file_struct kluge.
      One more TANDEM include.
      Allow --bwlimit=0 again.
      Allow --max-alloc=0 for unlimited.
      Update the NEWS.
      Don't use UNUSED() when an arg is used sometimes.
      Fix an xattr free of the wrong object.
      Tweak the NEWS.
      Fix xattr issue with MIGHT_NEED_PRE.
      Avoid a test failure on Alpine.
      Avoid non-updating proto.h on Alpine.
      Warning fixes & impossible-failure improvements
      Must read the nsec val even w/o CAN_SET_NSEC.
      Clean more built .h files.
      Fix see_token zstd case.
      Add missing "M" in SIZE suffixes; mention bytes are the default.
      Allow --block-size's size to have a suffix.
      Some number & string improvements
      Add some FreeBSD pkg installs and pause on linux.
      Add 2 more FreeBSD pkg installs.
      Just disable md2man on FreeBSD for now.
      Add FreeBSD test & re-enable linux build.
      Add a little more FreeBSD testing.
      More FreeBSD script separation.
      Make sure FreeBSD has bash installed.
      More CI tweaks
      Get my yaml continuation line right.
      A few word tweaks.
      Add the --stop-after & --stop-at options.
      Add "@netgroup" names to host matching.
      More NEWS tweaks.
      Fix a typo.
      Check for overflow the right way.
      Mention file & line on OOM and overflow errors.
      A couple more NEWS items.
      Setup a macOS CI.
      Tweak brew run.
      Search for commonmark pkg.
      Tweak lsh's Usage message & opening comment.
      Install commonmark on FreeBSD.
      Try another way to get commonmark working.
      Avoid a test failure if `id` didn't work.
      One more commonmark try.
      Avoid a crash if id-0 doesn't exist.
      Give up on commonmark.
      Add new code to recv_group_name() too.
      Search for cmark.
      Avoid a failed test on Cygwin.
      Try using cmarkgfm.
      A few more NEWS & man tweaks.
      Reduce the installed pkg items since they are so slow.
      Mention the auto-build-save setup.
      Let's try a Cygwin build on Cirrus.
      Try Cygwin build in actions.
      Try a couple different way to fix the build.
      Disable cygwin for now.
      Tweak the workflows filename.
      Try to save cygwin install in an artifact.
      Try to get cygwin-save to run.
      Avoid normal build on cygwin-save change.
      Tweak the save path.
      GitHub artifact test didn't work.
      Let's try cygwin again. (#69)
      Run a daily build.
      Add the `name converter` daemon parameter.
      A couple minor changes.
      Add strict (no-skipping) checks and use them.
      Make the daily build happen a few hours later.
      Use just $(...) instead of a mix of that and ${...}.
      Ignore *.exe files (for Cygwin builds).
      Save the build into an artifact.
      Tweak include syntax.
      Don't create a path for a file marked as missing.
      Avoid some extraneous parent-dir warnings
      Update NEWS.
      Switch to RSYNC_MAX_SKIPPED test setting.
      Improve --itemize-changes doc.
      Add --crtimes option.
      A few more build improvements
      Drop a superfluous "+".
      Improve error output for local & remote-shell xfers
      Simplify the msgs2stderr default logic.
      Setup commonmark on Cygwin.
      Tweak ubuntu configure args.
      Fix multi-line code blocks.
      Simplify md_parser assignment.
      Add packages to; put on ftp site
      Add --mkpath option. Fixes bugzilla bug 4621.
      Some INSTALL improvements.
      Change the --mkpath message.
      Install python36 for cygwin [buildall]
      Install python3 for cygwin [buildall]
      Fix devices-fake test if rsync can't link specials
      Add Cygwin package info into
      Enable xattrs on Cygwin.
      More changes to NEWS, README, INSTALL, &
      Link to the git blob for source files.
      Add helper script for a smart rebuild.
      Fix the setting of $make.
      Change smart-rebuild to smart-make.
      Handle the first run of configure; prefer gmake.
      Add `--errors2stderr` & `--msgs2protocol` options.
      Tweak NEWS & src_file().
      Change daemon variable & simplify some option code
      Change new stderr options to `--stderr=MODE`.
      Fix some spelling errors.
      More spelling fixes.
      Fix a grammar error.
      Have release script use patch-update --make (not --shell)
      Fix issue where rdev major could get out of sync
      Mention `--protect-args` in `--chown` info.
      Mention awk/gawk/nawk dependency.
      Don't include config.h in proto.h rule.
      Complain about a missing/non-dir `--temp-dir`.
      Replace a couple calloc() calls with new_array0().
      Mention an implied option.
      Don't allow a completely empty source arg.
      Make the `--append*` options have more warnings.
      Add a few more skip-compress suffixes.
      Use linkat() if available
      Set LANG to C to help with some remote build hosts.
      A couple more NEWS updates.
      Need 3.2.3 line in table & tweak to release script.
      Preparing for release of 3.2.3pre1

benrubson (1):
      Add FreeBSD CI


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