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commit 2f1d1d5cac1d8225c855fb38bce7da7aa4652f3b
Author: Wayne Davison <>
Date:   Wed Aug 10 08:42:22 2022 -0700

    Add packaging note.


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index 5394b1a9..0610dfba 100644
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@@ -36,6 +36,10 @@
+- A note to those wanting to patch older rsync versions: the changes in this
+  release requires the quoted argument change from 3.2.4. Then, you'll want
+  every single code change from 3.2.5 since there is no fluff in this release.
 - The build date that goes into the manpages is now based on the developer's
   release date, not on the build's local-timezone interpretation of the date.

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