when syncing from windows NT/cygwin to linux usimg rsync 2.5.2 I get the following 

readlink pagefile.sys: Permission denied
IO error encountered - skipping file deletion

pagefile.sys is however in the exclude-list, so I think rsync shouldn't care that it 
can't stat the file.

The code fragment responsible is

        if (readlink_stat(fname, &st, linkbuf) != 0) {
                int save_errno = errno;
                if ((errno == ENOENT) && copy_links && !noexcludes) {
                        /* symlink pointing nowhere, see if excluded */
                        memset((char *) &st, 0, sizeof(st));
                        if (check_exclude_file(f, fname, &st)) {
                                /* file is excluded anyway, ignore silently */
                                return NULL;
                io_error = 1;
                rprintf(FERROR, "readlink %s: %s\n",
                        fname, strerror(save_errno));
                return NULL;

Shouldn't/couldn't the "ignore silently if excluded" be specified less strictly to 
cover the above "permission denied" error as well?

Thanks, Martin

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