On 24 Apr 2002, "Shirish H. Phatak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>        Since there appears to be a dedicated group of users and lots of 
> activity, maybe we can convince Martin to roll in these patches and make 
> a new release?

I have been really lax in supporting librsync for the last few months,
because of a new job and taking over maintenance of rsync itself.

Needless to say I'm delighted that people find it useful.

I'd like it if Shirish and/or Donovan (or somebody else) could join 
in managing the package.  I think it might be good to set up a 
small web site for librsync, as it seems at the moment there's more
interest in librsync as distinct from rproxy.  Even more important
is to test and (if appropriate) merge the patches that have been 
sent in, and then make a new release.  We can either keep it on 
samba.org or move to sourceforge or somewhere else; in either case 
I'll give you the appropriate access.

Is anyone interested?


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