Hi Dave,

on Thu, 25 Apr 2002 15:52:56 -0500 Dave Dykstra wrote 
concerning "Re: 4.4BSD chflags support for rsync" something like this:

> I think the --flags patch is probably fine, except that that the short
> description should at least say "preserve file flags" instead of just
> "preserve flags" since most people wouldn't know what "flags" means.

Sure, changed that (found 3 occurrences).

However, I just recently found that I missed a case where I need to clear
change flags: when (hard)linking to a file, that file may not have flags
that prevent modification. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to look into
that issue, yet.

I also noticed, that you've been changing quite a few bits lately. E.g.
there are rules to build texinfo documentation in the Makefile (but no
texinfo files) and there is SGML documentation, but no rules for
formatting. So I decided to wait some more before updating the patch
to the current release (probably updating the new documentation then).
So if you'd rather wait for me to update the patch (which is against 2.5.2),
I'll probably get back to you either after the next release or in a
week or two. Of course I'll be happy if you'll add the patch anyway ;)

> I don't like --ignore-existing, though.  What's the point of using rsync
> if you're not updating existing files?

It's not my work. I was only saying that by building the manpage,
the documentation for --ignore-existing also showed up. So unless it
was explicitly removed for the release, it was simply forgotten to
rebuild the manpage after the change.

Bye, Rolf

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