On Thursday, April 25, 2002 07:34:47 PM -0500 Rich Winkel 
| Sorry for the junk mail, it seems my last post was lost in the ether,
| despite being successfully delivered to lists.samba.org (!)
| Very frustrating, since I didn't keep a copy of it.
| My question was regarding what might be called symmetric mirroring,
| where two sets of identical files, both being simultaneously updated,
| are periodically syncronized.
| Has anyone implemented this?  I posted a script which I think
| would work.  If my original post doesn't show up I guess I'll have
| to type it in again.  At any rate, implementing it in rsync doesn't
| seem like it would be too difficult.

This is basically what unison does, its main drawback at present is that it 
doesn't understand hard links, that and the fact that it is written in 
Objective CAML ;^).

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