Tillman, James wrote:
>> When using Cygwin Rsync 2.5.6/OpenSSH 3.6.1 for copying files from
>> Win2k->Win2k, I get 2 or 3 hung processes on the receiving-side out of
>> every 50 runs.  These hung processes cause the system to be unable to
>> reboot(?!), requiring a hard reset.  Killing the processes allows a
>> reboot every time.  I'm currently running both ssh and rsync as services
>> the recieving side.  Originally, I ran them as the SYSTEM user, but that
>> prevented easy killing of the processes, so I now run them under an
>> administrative account.

I suggest building and using an unstripped version of rsync, and then using
gdb to obtain a backtrace from a hung process.


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