I'm using 2.6.9 but I get:

recv_files phase=1
generate_files phase=2
recv_files phase=2
recv_files finished
generate_files phase=3
deleting in home
[generator] make_file(home/administ,*,2)
Internal error: wrong write used in receiver.
_exit_cleanup(code=2, file=io.c, line=1204): entered
_exit_cleanup(code=19, file=main.c, line=1182): entered
rsync error: received SIGUSR1 (code 19) at main.c(1182) [receiver=2.6.9]
_exit_cleanup(code=19, file=main.c, line=1182): about to call exit(19)
rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at io.c(1204) [generator=2.6.9]
_exit_cleanup(code=2, file=io.c, line=1204): about to call exit(2)

Used params: -avzR --acls --delete-after --rsh="ssh -l backup" [EMAIL PROTECTED]::home /backup/

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