Hello Matt,

* Matt McCutchen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [20070716 21:07]:
> I looked at the syncdat feature list (
> http://www.dataexpedition.com/syncdat/features.html ).  Aside from the
> claim of much better performance, syncdat appears to be equivalent to
> a combination of rsync, unison, and ssh.  Mike, am I missing something
> that syncdat can do but rsync and unison can't?

seems like they've implemented something similiar TCP on top of UDP
which does a seriously better job (the information they provide points
in that direction). Shame they don't give it to the public for free,
like they got TCP, UDP, IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, ... ... ...


P.S: I think it's certainly legitimate to make money from your
invention, but holding back the evolution of the internet like this
(i.e. when you know we all could do better by what you did if you just
made an RFC and allowed public use) is just a shame. see you in 70 years

"At the end of knowledge, wisdom begins, and at the end of wisdom, there is no
grief ... but hope."
-- Lloyd Alexander, 30.1.1924-17.5.2007
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