We are not claiming superiority, just that we provide performance gains over TCP when going over wan or congested networks. In-fact, we have a ftp server set up in Singapore if you would like to compare our technology to your ftp solution. you can find the client download on our site.


On Jul 17, 2007, at 5:03 AM, Jamie Lokier wrote:

Matt McCutchen wrote:
  Does anyone have any experience with 'syncdat' from Data
Expedition?  How does it compare to rsync?

I looked at the syncdat feature list (
http://www.dataexpedition.com/syncdat/features.html ). Aside from the
claim of much better performance, syncdat appears to be equivalent to
a combination of rsync, unison, and ssh. Mike, am I missing something
that syncdat can do but rsync and unison can't?  And is more
information available about the benchmark that found that syncdat is
"Up to ten times faster than rsync" (
http://www.dataexpedition.com/syncdat/ )?

I looked at their web site, and they're claiming that their patented
MTP/IP protocol is so much superior to TCP/IP over wide area networks
that it makes data transfer faster - due to handling congestion
better.  If you're transferring over a LAN, or uncongested network, it
offers no advantage.

I read their patent; it's written in impenetrable bullshitese, and
seems to resemble a sort of transaction-oriented TCP SACK.  If I had
to trial their program, I'd compare with HTTP, FTP or rsync/similar
over a modern TCP or SCTP implementation with a few of the esoteric
TCP congestion control modules in 2.6 Linux, and ensure I wasn't CPU

Their FAQ indicates that their program does not compress
automatically, and I saw no indication of a delta-transmission
protocol equivalent to the rsync algorithm.

They have a product which tunnels any TCP/IP stream over their MTP/IP.
I'm guessing running rsync over that would give the same gains as
using their file transfer utility, assuming there are gains, and the
added benefit of rsync delta-transmission.

-- Jamie

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