Mike Jackson wrote:
>    We  are  not  claiming  superiority,  just that we provide performance
>    gains over TCP when going over wan or congested networks.  In-fact, we
>    have a ftp server set up in Singapore if you would like to compare our
>    technology  to your ftp solution.  you can find the client download on
>    our site.

I'm not really interested enough to do that test, but thank you for
making it possible.  I do in fact have to transfer a lot of data over
constrained WAN links, so I might come back to it but _only_ if the
source is available: all my file transfers involve embedded uClinux
devices, and cannot run standard Linux executables.

Conversely, you might like to test the variety of TCP congestion
control algorithms which you can select in the latest Linux 2.6
kernels, just to get a sense of how the current public offerings
compare with yours.

I saw no mention of delta-transmission as used by rsync in your
program, but I did see your TCP-over-MTP tunnelling product.

So am I right in thinking that using rsync in conjunction with your
tunnelling product as the underlying transport might give better
performance for incremental file transfers than your current client?

(That at least would be on-topic!)

-- Jamie
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