Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Check out the "TCP: advanced congestion control" option in a 2.6 Linux
> kernel, and there is plenty of research on the topic.  See SCTP and
> DSCP (among others) for the more transaction oriented side.
Hi there Jamie

Like yourself, our WAN (VPN over Internet) suffers majorly from "large
pipe, but large latency" issues. e.g. we have a 10Mbs Internet link, but
can only get ~2Mbs for a single TCP stream (e.g. HTTP, Rsync).

Are protocols like SCTP and DSCP really capable of helping in such
situations? i.e would they improve the throughput of single streamed
transactions? If so, how would you manhandle rsync (a TCP app) to be
able to use them? Any such thing as a TCP-to-SCTP proxy?


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