Hi folks,

I've made a Unicode test here and it seem safe to patch my Panther patch in this way:

+       unsigned int index=0;

=       CFStringGetCharacters(cfStringName, range, unicharName);
                if(unicharName[index]==0x003B) /* == ':' */
                        unicharName[index]=0x002F; /* == '/' */
= carbon_error=FSMakeFSRefUnicode(&parentRef, range.length, unicharName, kTextEncodingUnknown, ref);

Because the length doesn't mean the number of printable characters, but the number of Unicode signs. (A character can take more than one Unicode sign.) So, it seem OK for me to scan the Unicode array on this way.

If you patch your rsync with this modification on y patch, please let me know if it works for you as I can't test it.

Best regards,

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