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Seems to work when I tried it.  Is the directory listed when you run
it?  What does --itemize-changes say?

My first guess is that it would be an interaction between --checksum
and --ignore-times which are fairly opposite functions and --checksum
is usually the wrong thing to use.

Also btw, you don't need -p -R or -e "ssh".

Also, use ./ instead of ./*  This wouldn't affect your current command
but it would if you were using --delete so I consider it a bad habit.

On 05/18/2015 08:36 AM, tomr wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using rsync as part of a centralised config management for
> several servers.  I'm trying to monitor the mtime of a particular
> directory and confirm that the remote copies are approximately as
> new as the the local master.  However, mtime on that directory is
> not being synced.  Here's my rsync command:
> cd $confdir && rsync -avpzR --checksum -I -e "ssh" --exclude='old/'
> ./* user@remotehost:/
> My impression is that this should sync mtime to the remote dir, if
> that mtime has changed locally.  However that's not happening.  It
> doesn't seem to me that any of my options implies --omit-dir-times,
> but maybe I'm missing something - Any clues?
> Thanks in advance! tom

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