Kevin Korb <kmk <at>> writes:
> 3) --numeric-ids copies both as the number.  This is what you normally
> want for backups.  This way you have the exact UID and GID stored on
> the backups regardless of what those numbers mean to the backup
> system.  Just remember to use --numeric-ids when you restore.  This is
> especially important if you have to restore from a live environment
> that has completely different UIDs and GIDs than your normal system.
> That environment would have no idea how to translate names from option
> #2 during a restore.

Hi Kevin,

Regarding the option --numeric-ids, how would rsync manage the situation
where the UID and GID(s), of a file being copied to a Remote system, have
been reserved on the Remote system. Does rsync search for and allocate the
next available IDs?

Thanks, Michael.

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