It's almost a year later, but since Google quickly led me to this post in the archives, I guess the answer may be useful to others.

Had the same error today, in the same situation: cwrsync in Win7x64, batch file started by Local computer Policy on shutdown.

There is something special in the cmd.exe environment when a script is started in this way. The solution was to cd to the directory where cwrsync is installed before starting rsync. My script which works is now something like:

    SET CWRSYNCHOME=C:\util\cwrsync


    cd "%CWRSYNCHOME%"

    rsync ...

Maybe the PATH change would not be needed now, but I didn't test without it.


I'm using cwRync to backup my users computeurs. When he closing her Windows session i go (with GPO) a script batch to copy a files/dirs on my rsync server (OpenMediaVault).

When i manuel start the script it's ok but when he go to the closed session i've this error

rsync: getcwd():Bad address(14)
rsync error: errors selecting input/output files, dirs (code3) at util.c (1177)

This error is present on the Windows 7 64bit computeurs but on winds 7 32bits 
it's ok.

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