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john espiro <john_esp...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have a local directory that I am trying to sync with a remote directory.  
> That's fine, but there's a lot of data that is out of sync so I decided to 
> make a local copy of the difference to then bring to the remote location.
> So I ran a dry-run between the two to generate a list of files in 
> listOfFiles.txt
> Then I ran rsync from local to localBackup.
> rsync -av --files-from=/tmp/listOfFiles.txt /var/MyData/ /USB/Backup/
> Now, while this is happening, I am still rsycning between my local and my 
> remote.  So I re-generate the listOfFiles.txt, which contains less things to 
> copy than before.... I'd like to delete anything in /USB/Backup that is not 
> in the listOfFiles.txt

Does it matter ? Take your USB drive to the remote location, rsync the files - 
any that are the same will be skipped. Then you can resume resyncing remotely 
as normal.

The remote location is rather remote, so that wouldn't work in this particular 
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