With rsync 3.1.1 (on debian), using the "backup-dir" option creates a tree of 
empty folders inside the backup repository. This doesn't affect the transfer 
(all files and folder are copied anyway).



rsync -rtvhPx --delete --stats 
--exclude-from=/home/pierre/scripts/ExclusionRSync --backup 
/home/pierre/ /media/pierre/g2/sauvegardes/sauvegarde_pierre


The previous command (launched the first time) recreates the whole structure of 
folders inside the "/media/pierre/g2/sauvegardes/fichiers_supprimes_pierre" 
backup-dir). These folders are empty and the files are present in 

It seems to be a bug because the backup directory should contains something if, 
and only if, I delete files or folder. But it is impossible to delete something 
during the first backup; nonetheless, the backup-dir is full of empty folder 
after the first call of rsync.

There are two unanswered messages on Unix.SE describing this bug ([1] and [2]). 
A quick search into this mailing list archives [3] doesn't show emails related 
to this question.



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