--- Comment #3 from John Pierman <> ---
Because you're not running it on a case-ignoring filesystem.  That patch is
(sadly) only a partially effective set of changes that helps rsync to deal with
a filesystem that doesn't differentiate upper-/lower-case when naming files. 
Rsync's main algorithm of probing for files by name (via stat) didn't change,
and thus it doesn't try to find an alternate name for the same file if the
filesystem isn't conglomerating them together (and indeed, it totally fails to
notice if the case on a filename has changed on the server compared to the
file's name on the receiver).

For a means of fixing this, I'm imaging having the code that is used for
--delete-during getting modified to notice changes in case and trying to fix
them (even if rsync isn't doing a delete-during run).  If that were done, the
patch would probably then be in good enough shape to finally be included in the
main code.

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