I have a situation where rsync keeps deleting some entire directories and
recopying all the data in those folders.  I have tried all the usual stuff
such as modify window to no avail.  I have set the verbosity to -vvv.  The
output shows the following example

[Receiver] i=130 3 cygdrive/d/2014-01-27 3033 E. 1st/ mode=040700 len=4096
gid=(1001) flags=404
[Receiver] i=131 4 cygdrive/d/2014-01-27 3033 E. 1st/100 Fillmore.JPG
mode=0100700 len=3605635 gid=(1001) flags=400

I am trying to figure out the meaning of the mode, len, gid, and *especially
flags*.  Where can I find the meaning of these?

Thanks in advance,

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