I am using an older version of rsync (v3.0.7) on top of Cygwin on Windows, with 
a remote rsyncd.  I am using "rsync -azhu  SOURCEDIR DESTDIR" so that I can 
update the DEST only if it has an older version of an existing file (people 
work at both sites, and I don't want to overwrite the most recent version of a 
file).  I'm finding that if I update a file under SOURCEDIR and make it larger, 
everything works as expected and DEST is updated.  However, if I update a file 
and it becomes smaller, the older DEST file remains untouched.  I did not see 
anything in the rsync changelog from v3.0.7 through the current version that 
appeared to be a fix for this behavior.  Has anyone else experienced this 
behavior, and if so, with what version of rsync?  Thanks in advance!

Martin G.
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