Nah, this is the first time I've posted here in years. Gennaly things just
tick over with the application moving along in a nice straightforward
manner, improvment upon improvement. Rsync is one of the mose important and
usefu apps available for Linux and OS X (powered by APPLE!!!!); followed by
ffmpeg and vlc (and Apache, I guess, but I don't do  much of that anymore).
The docs are very well-written and I'm sorry that you and Herr Obermeister
Schtallman have had your sad little feelings hurt by the mere mention of
!!!!MICROSOFT!!!!! I used to maintain a couple of packages for
CRUX and there was a lot of that misplaced zealotry in those parts. I don't
beweeve in the widda baby jesus neither. Neener. I used to be Juanita's old
boyfriend, and all that.

On Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 3:45 PM, Marcus Fonzarelli <> wrote:

> So I guess you're the bully of the community here. Strong opinions without
> understanding, talk shit, and nothing useful to contribute.
> 27.07.2016, 21:54, "Tony Reed" <>:
> I would rather the maintainers would spend their time improving the
> application, and not worrying aobut the OP's hurt little open-sourced
> religious feelings. I use rsync to transfer pretty massive (wait for it)
> ADOBE PHOTOSHOP files around my LAN. Neener  neener fucken neener.

Tony Reed
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