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After some further testing I have some fairly odd results, possibly related.
Using --link-dest to point to an already existing backup set, or the same empty
directory that we are backing up to causes the bug to appear. If I use
--link-dest while pointing it at an empty directory and backing up to an empty
directory, it does not happen.

Using rsync without it with the destination being an empty directory causes no

Using rsync without it with the destination already having copies of the files
causes the error to occur.

So it appears that if rsync notices that the /sys directory exists on the
destination, it does the wrong thing.

here's two examples of how I'm invoking it:
without --link-dest:
/home/tm/src/rsync/rsync --stats -vaxAXRHS --preallocate --progress --delete
--delete-excluded / /media/backup/test/1 --exclude-from

with --link-dest: (2 is empty and holds nothing. 1 was rm'd before the copy
/home/tm/src/rsync/rsync --stats -vaxAXRHS --preallocate --progress --delete
--delete-excluded --link-dest=/media/backup/test/2 / /media/backup/test/1
--exclude-from /root/backupexcludes.txt

Anything else I can provide to help identify this?

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