On 2016-10-10 17:24, Kip Warner wrote:
Note that I have temporarily disabled timeouts and added extra
verbosity. The transfer to the remote host via SSH works fine, up until
it gets to a 30+ GB file (a VM image). It gets about 90+ percent of the
way through, hangs, and then times out.

I have a similar but different problem. I make a regular download from a site that always errors out on a particular large file. However, my rsync error symptoms are different.

Unfortunately, the server admins seem to be the strong, silent types who have repeatedly changed their minds about what they think is wrong and who may or may not be attempting to solve the problem in isolation - I've failed to get any meaningful communication going with them. Fortunately, excluding the problem file is a reasonable workaround for me.

Have you tried excluding the problem file from the transfer?

One possibility is that the problem is not caused directly by rsync but because of some underlying filesystem glitch. What OS & filesystems are you using?

Cheers, Dave

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