When rsync tells you that a file vanished it is reporting a real error
from the file system.  It saw a file that needed to be transferred but
when it attempted to read the file it got a file not found error from
the FS/OS.

There is no equivalent error for "hey, the file you were reading changed
while you were reading it".  Rsync would essentially have to read the
file twice and compare.

This is what LVM and similar forms of snapshots are for.

On 10/31/2016 07:36 PM, devz...@web.de wrote:
> i'm using rsync for backup and, as rsync can detect if files have
> vanished during transfer, i wonder how rsync can tell which files got
> modified during transfer (i.e. which are not consistent on the
> destination side after transfer)
> apparently, rsync can't show that information?
> wouldn't that be an extremely useful feature if rsync could do another
> additional mtime or even checksum comparison after each file transfer?
> for example emc networker notifies about "changed during save". i'm
> curious wg rsync doesn't
> regards
> roland
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