On 2017-03-21 07:35, Brian K. White via rsync wrote:
Any possibility of a version of rsync that doesn't need RSH or SSH?

rsync already doesn't need rsh or ssh.

* On host A (server, with room to accept big uploads):

Edit /etc/rsyncd.conf, add this to the end:
        path = /srv/rsync/hostb
        auth users = hostb

Edit /etc/rsyncd.secrets, add this line:

mkdir -p /srv/rsync/hostb

sudo rsync --daemon

* On host B (client, uploading to server):

RSYNC_PASSWORD=hostbpass rsync -avz /path/to/dir hostb@hosta::hostb

Replace "hosta" with whatever hostname or ip address for "Host A".

On hosta, the rsync --daemon wil listen on port 873 and the traffic
will go direct from rsync on hostb to rsync on hosta, no rsh or ssh.

Excellent!  Thanks for that . . I love rsync . . it is so clever . .

For single huge files like dd images though, dd|netcat is a lot faster.



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