In Linux I would handle this with a pvmove.  I don't know how to make it
happen in Windows other than using a disk image.

BTW, you will probably find -i to be much more useful than a second (or
even a first) -v

On 04/12/2017 07:31 PM, Rene J Suarez-Soto via rsync wrote:
> I am running rsync throuhg cygwin and trying to "mirror" two hard drives
> (hd1 -> hd2). HD1 have tons of hard links (I will say about 2 millions)
> because I do monthly backups and have about 13 folders and maybe about
> 150,000 files. Every month when I make a new snapshot I would also want
> to mirror HD1 to HD2. I tried running
> rsync -aH --progress -vv /cygdrive/d/ /cygdrive/e/
> I though this was going to be a very quick process because not many
> files changed but surprisingly it takes over a day. Is there a faster
> way to mirror drives with hard links?

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