A FAT filesystem can't handle -X or -goplD from -a.  When you are stuck
on FAT you are pretty much limited to -rt instead of -a.

Also, it doesn't handle timestamps very well.  FAT has a 2 second time
resolution and it has no concept of a locale so the timestamps all
change whenever your TZ changes your clock (assuming it does).

Unless you have FAT on both ends you probably don't want FAT at all.

On 05/16/2017 04:30 PM, John Conover via rsync wrote:
> Does rsync -aAXv /dir1 /dir2, where dir2 is a mounted FAT formatted SD
> card, and then:
> rsync -aAXv /dir2 /dir1, to restore the files in dir1 from the FAT
> formatted SD card, restore the ACL and owner/permissions of the files
> and directories in dir1?
>     Thanks,
>     John

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