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> https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12806
> --- Comment #4 from Heinz-Willi Wyes <h...@delember-wyes.de> ---
> I got a personal message from Lars Ellenberg that went also to
> samba-b...@samba.org and rsync...@samba.org. He wrote:
> ------------------
> Calling chmod only on (optimization: non-empty) directories would fix this.
> I don't need to chmod a *file* before unlinking it, I just need write
> permission on the directory it is located in.
> (Now you have to convince the "appliance" to use a patched rsync ...)

Note that as long as you have only files (not directories) without write
permissions, you can potentially work around this using "--super" (or 
because in that case rsync sets "am_root" to 2 (or -1),
"!am_root" becomes false in the various conditions,
and the do_chmod() will not even be called.

Not sure though what other implications --[fake-]super will have for your 

        Lars Ellenberg

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