--- Comment #2 from Ben RUBSON <> ---
Thank you for your feedback Brian.
I don't have any problem.
I just want to be sure that when client (sender) has finished its transfer, its
data is on server's (receiver) disks, before it disconnects.
So that when it correctly / successfully disconnects, its data is for sure on

On disks means on platters, so that if there is a failure (hardware, power...),
data is safe, not lost.

Of course disks which do not lie about sync() command must be used (data must
be on platters, not only in disks' cache). As well as a robust filesystem, some
redundancy... (but here that's off-topic).

Perhaps we could make it an option, so that those who have OS failing to manage
write buffers would not be degraded even more... But certainly they should have
a look to their performance issue first.

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