rsync --delete option tells rsync to delete extraneous files from the receiving 
side (ones that aren't on the sending side).But if a user accidentally deletes 
a file, there is no way to restore it from the server.If --delete option is not 
used, and the local hard disk is destroyed, restored data will include old 
deleted files.
Is there a way for rsync server to retain backup of deleted source files, and 
mark them as extraneous?That way a directory can be restored from backup, 
excluding the old deleted files.
It could work something like this:
    when rsync server notices an unmarked extraneous file, it timestamps and 
marks the file as extraneous.    rsync server periodically deletes extraneous 
files like this        if (extraneous_mark == true and timestamp > current_date 
- age), then delete the file    where age is number of days extraneous files 
are retained.        rsync client can restore deleted files from server.    
rsync client can restore directory from server, excluding extraneous files. 
Thank you,Wolfram Volpi
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