Setting up a new system backup (done several before and they all work fine). 
Windows 10 x64 (cygwin with rsync  version 3.1.2) backing up to ubuntu
server 16.04 (rsync 3.1.1).  Run test.bat from command window (run as
administrator) and it runs fine.Created scheduled task that runs test.bat
and it hangs at "msg checking charset: UTF-8" until the timeout.  I have
upped the timeout to 3000 with the same result.  The scheduled task is run
as administrator, with run with highest privileges checked. contents of
test.bat:rsync  --log-format="%1i %t %b of %l transferred for %f" --progress 
--timeout=300 -rltgoD --delete --partial-dir=./rsync_partial
--chmod=Du+w,u+r,u+x -e "ssh -p 31122 -i
\"/cygdrive/c/Users/administrator/.ssh/id_rsa\"" --stats
--files-from=/cygdrive/d/WorkingDIr/c_from_file.dat -vvvvvvvv
--exclude-from=/cygdrive/d/WorkingDIr/c_exc_file.dat  / >
"D:\WorkingDIr\systemID.log" 2>&1Logging file:FILE_STRUCT_LEN=16,
EXTRA_LEN=4cmd=ssh -p 31122 -i "/cygdrive/c/Users/administrator/.ssh/id_rsa" user=systemID
path=/data/current/systemID/cygdrive/ccmd[0]=ssh cmd[1]=-p cmd[2]=31122
cmd[3]=-i cmd[4]=/cygdrive/c/Users/administrator/.ssh/id_rsa cmd[5]=-l
cmd[6]=systemID cmd[7] cmd[8]=rsync cmd[9]=--server
cmd[10]=-vvvvvvvvlogDtrRe.iLsfxC cmd[11]=--timeout=3000 cmd[12]=--delete
cmd[13]=--stats cmd[14]=--partial-dir cmd[15]=rsync_partial cmd[16]=.
cmd[17]=/data/current/systemID/cygdrive/copening connection using: ssh -p
31122 -i /cygdrive/c/Users/administrator/.ssh/id_rsa -l systemID rsync --server -vvvvvvvvlogDtrRe.iLsfxC --timeout=3000
--delete --stats --partial-dir rsync_partial .
/data/current/systemID/cygdrive/c  (18 args)*msg checking charset:
UTF-8*[sender] io timeout after 3000 seconds -- exiting[sender]
_exit_cleanup(code=30, file=io.c, line=195): enteredrsync error: timeout in
data send/receive (code 30) at io.c(195) [sender=3.1.2][sender]
_exit_cleanup(code=30, file=io.c, line=195): about to call exit(30)Help will
be much appreciated!

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