--- Comment #1 from roland <> ---
i searched into this a little bit and it`s not a problem with differing rsync
versions, it also happens with rsync 3.1.2 (linux) -> rsync 3.1.2 (osx)

what i found is, that rsync 3.1.2 behaves correctly when run on osx locally,
i.e. if i rsync -av /tmp/localdir/rapidly-appearing+disappearing-files-inside 
/tmp/localdir2  on osx locally, i`m getting all vanished files messages
including which files are missing on stdout. 

if i do the same from linux/remote, then the information which files are
vanished goes to stdout instead of sterr.
the message "rsync warning: some files vanished before they could be
transferred (code 24) at main.c(1650) [generator=3.1.2]"  still goes to sterr
(as expected)

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