Greetings Rsync,


Quick intro: I'm a port/platform maintainer for a variety of HPE NonStop
Open Source ports including rsync, git, and a few others, and have been in
the industry for far too long.


Our port is currently at commit 1f83b51, which I'm planning to upgrade to
7706303 in the next few days. We had been able to stay on vanilla code until
1f83b51 when we had to introduce a SUPERUSER #define because root on our
platform is not 0. We would like to contribute this back at some point.


Quick question: there has not been an officially tagged version for rsync in
a while, which makes putting out fixes a bit aweward in our community
(responses like "You're *still* at 3.1.3-DEV, shouldn't the numbers bump?).
So I'm wondering when the next fix number will be official, like 3.1.4,
which will make those who monitor CVEs on our platform much happier because
we can release it.





-- Brief whoami:

NonStop developer since approximately NonStop(211288444200000000) 

 UNIX developer since approximately UNIX(421664400)

-- In my real life, I talk too much.

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