I’m going to re-apply the original port changes by hand and see what is going 
on. The number of actual deltas are fairly small overall. sys/file.h was 
wrapped in the original port, but it looks like the merge did not handle it 
properly. I’ll advise when done.


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Incompatibility introduced at 3.1.3pre1. These are not present at master, which 
compiles cleanly.


The master branch and 3.1.3pre1 were pretty much the same until just a moment 
ago (except that the tar files get some generated files that aren't present in 
git, such as the autoconf generated configure.sh file).


sys/file.h is not available outside LINUX, so the requirement for its use, 
including apparently, flist.c, sadly breaks the NonStop port.


The include of <sys/file.h> was added in 1998 and hasn't changed since then.


cc -c99 -I. -I. -I./zlib -I./popt -g -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -c syscall.c -o syscall.o
        return utime(fname, t);
"/home/git/rsync/syscall.c", line 448: error(252): argument of type "time_t *" 
is incompatible with parameter of type "const struct utimbuf *"


This is apparently because HAVE_STRUCT_UTIMBUF is not set but should be.  You 
might want to look into configure.sh to see why this is failing, or just tweak 
the generated config.h file.


cc -c99 -I. -I. -I./zlib -I./popt -g -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -c lib/compat.c -o 
        return gettimeofday(tv);
"/home/git/rsync/lib/compat.c", line 154: error(250): too few arguments in 
function call


Similarly, it looks like your system needs HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY_TZ defined by 



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